Sending Holiday Thanks to U.S. Heroes


Generosity. Gratitude. Goodwill.


These are the hallmarks of the holiday season, and they’re the reasons for our newest charity effort.

Join Team Marcone this holiday season as we say thank you to our military service members.

Through the HEROES Care program, we’re working to send 2,000 care packages to our US troops overseas—but we need your help to do it. Just donate $20 to the program at your local Marcone store and we’ll match it with another $20. That $40 then buys one care package of comfort items like toiletries and snacks. It will be sent—along with a whole lot of holiday spirit and appreciation—to an active duty serviceperson. We’re also giving out coloring sheets for kids of all ages and cards for the care packages. Just fill them in with your own holiday sentiments and give them back to us; we’ll get them to HEROES Care to give the troops. It’s a wonderfully simple way to spread holiday warmth.

About HEROES Care:
This partnership of national charities provides a support network to military members and their families. Through a system of one-on-one caregiving, military families receive services before, during, and after deployment. Emergency financial aid, mental health care, and job placement are just a few of the threads in the safety net HEROES Care creates for those who dedicate their lives to keeping the country safe.

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