Military Support at Marcone Syracuse Impresses & Inspires Veteran Elmore Davis

Veteran Saluting

Introducing their renovated store to customers and the public, manager Fred Bryant and the staff at Syracuse held a hugely successful Taste of Marcone open house in early May—the first event since an unfortunate fire that nearly destroyed their branch in December 2012. The reintroduction of celebrations and special sales days at the store proved not just exciting, but uplifting for an unexpected reason.

Along with MSA training, free food, and door prizes, the event featured a raffle to raise funds for HEROES Care, the military support non-profit we’ve all come to know well through Marcone’s charitable partnership. During the open house, Northeast branch sales manager A.J. Mastrofrancesco approached retail customer Elmore Davis about buying tickets for the raffle, explaining that 100% of proceeds benefit HEROES Care programs. Ms. Davis, a veteran herself, was so touched by the charity’s work that she left the store for a trip to the ATM, and returned right away to make a donation.

“I was just blown away when I heard what Marcone and HEROES Care are doing for our veterans and active personnel,” said Ms. Davis, who served in the National Guard and then the Air Force until her retirement in 2008. “Marcone should be praised for what they are doing.”

With the help of Ms. Davis and so many others like her, Marcone has raised and contributed around $30,000 to HEROES Care in the past year alone. Many thanks to Elmore for her kind words, for her contribution to HEROES Care, and especially for her service to our country.

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