Marcone Remembers Damon Livingston


Our hearts and deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Damon Livingston. On Sunday, January 18th, Damon and his family were involved in a car accident in South Florida. This tragic incident killed 36-year-old Damon and his pregnant fiancé Myesha. His 12-year-old son Damon Jr., who was in the back seat, survived the crash.

This 18-year veteran of Marcone was a hardworking and happy member of his team, someone who consistently provided his coworkers a smile or laugh, someone who was always ready to jump in and help with whatever needed to be done. Damon was an integral part of the Marcone Tampa crew, starting out in the warehouse and moving to the counter, where he helped so many customers over the years with the same kindness and helpfulness he showed his coworkers.

In Damon’s memory, the Southeast region will be collecting donations to help with his son’s future. If you are a customer in South Florida, please consider donating to this fund. Marcone Orlando will also make Damon Jr.’s future fund their featured charity during the upcoming open house event on March 4th. Marcone will also be hosting company-wide fundraisers for employees.

Funeral service details are at the bottom of this article. Following are tributes to Damon from his Marcone friends.

From Michael Hill

Every now and then people come into our lives that make a lasting impact just simply because of who they are. Damon was one of those people. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Damon for the last 15 years and came to know him very well. The Tampa staff and customers have benefited from Damon’s fun and easygoing personality for the last 18 years. He rarely met anyone he couldn’t find something good about and find a way to befriend them. He had a gift to make people feel welcome and like they mattered to him and to Marcone. He truly had a way with people. He will be missed greatly here at the Tampa store by the hundreds of customers who have called and inquired about him and wanted to know what they could do to help his family.  He was loved by many. 

One thing I would like people to know about Damon was how much he loved his family, friends and most of all his son Damon Jr. His son was everything to him. He spent so much time showing us all pictures of what they did together and all his accomplishments throughout the years. Damon[1]Damon was an amazing father and a really good friend to all of us here. His impact on us will be felt for years to come. I still remember the day he brought his two-week-old son to the Marcone warehouse for all of us to see 12 years ago. He was a proud papa then and was still just as proud the day he left us. I was personally very close with Damon and was able to see him do many great things over the years. I remember when he bought his house, when he enrolled Damon Jr. in football, when he got a new car, when he and Myesha became pregnant with his second son, and how excited he was each time something great happened. I was blessed to be a part of his life and really cherished his friendship. I will miss him greatly! 

From Amanda DeJesus

I met Damon Livingston when I was hired at the front counter of the Tampa branch back in 2008. He was the type of person who made me feel welcome, even though I was new and he didn’t know me. I was green as grass when it came to A/C or appliance parts, but he took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. Right away I could tell he knew his stuff. Quite a few customers would only deal with him, and others loved dealing with him because he knew exactly what they needed or wanted, even if they didn’t have all info we needed to help them. Everyone loved him. He was just so knowledgeable, as well as kind and patient. We became really good friends, we shared stories about our families and our lives, gave each other advice, and had fun just being ourselves. We had a ton of inside jokes—all we had to do was look at each other and we would start laughing. He was such a happy, positive person. It seemed like nothing could get him down.

I will always remember how Damon loved his loud music! You could hear him turning into our complex from afar…it was so loud! Big speakers in the back, and super loud speakers in the front. That was a love we both shared. I had the big speakers in my vehicle too, but he definitely beat me with how loud his was. I remember when he drove me to lunch because I wasn’t familiar with the area yet, and I felt like my ears were bleeding it was so loud!

I remember him always showing me pictures of his little man Damon Jr. You could see how much he loved him and how proud he was of him, by the look in his eyes and the way he talked about him. He adored his son. My prayers go out to Damon Jr. and the rest of Damon’s family. There is a hole in my heart now that he is gone, and he will be missed terribly.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one steal.” 

Love you D.

From Terry Jones

Damon worked for me in the Tampa RDC, and I believe his hard work is what made him who he was. I remember unloading trucks of cords that were stacked to the top and wedged in. It was a task that only a few of us would jump in and tackle, but I could always count on him. There was a time that Damon wanted to get in shape and said he was doing pushups at home. I told him I would help him out as much as I could. So we decided that every time I caught him talking in the warehouse when he should have been working, he would have to give me 25 pushups. Damon was a hard worker, but he loved to talk to all the ladies that were in the warehouse and office! Needless to say Damon was able to do a lot of pushups before the end of summer. It got to be a thing with all the guys in the warehouse, so others jumped on the pushup bandwagon. Damon got the guys together and they came up with a plan…every time someone found an error on any order that I was pulling, I would do 25 pushups as well. So he talked with the packers and order checkers to make sure that I did pushups! I think I was sabotaged, because when I did pushups, they’d all laugh.

We moved the RDC to Jacksonville and had to lay off several good people. But Damon’s work ethic and willingness to do whatever needed to be done were what brought him to the forefront of our operations. When Damon got a job at the counter, he was scared death. He didn’t know anything about parts, but I told him, “Just trust me. Keep your good work ethic and you will always succeed.” Not only did Damon become a great counter employee, but he was loved by all his customers and counter crew. He was one who would share his knowledge with anyone to help them get better, ensuring he’d always have the strongest team at the counter. 

Little D

I don’t think he ever called me Terry…he always called me T. And my boys were Big D and Little D, so that’s what I called his son—Little D. I remember the day he was born and I visited them at the hospital. Boy, what a proud daddy he was…

Damon you will be missed.

Love ya,

Services in Memory of Damon


Friday, January 30, 5–9 PM
Wilson Funeral Home
3000 N. 29th Street
Tampa, FL33605
(813) 248-6125


Saturday, January 31, 11 AM
Wilson Funeral Home
3000 N. 29th Street
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-6125


Saturday, January 31, immediately after funeral
Winston Recreation Park
7605 Destin Dr.
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 744-5539