Marcone Aims to Become HVAC Parts Leader with Newly Expanded Inventory

ACs in the Sky with Diamonds

For generations, Marcone has been known as the authority in appliance parts supply. Now we’re making the move to become the HVAC industry’s go-to distributor for repair parts, accessories, and tools. In recent months, our team has been expanding our HVAC inventory and stocking Marcone warehouses and stores across the United States—so we’re ready to become your new HVAC headquarters.

Marcone now stocks an extensive new assortment of heating and cooling products, adding to an already deep inventory. We’ve outfitted key markets with the top 80% of their most commonly purchased HVAC repair parts, and our full inventory is available for order throughout the United States. So whether you’re in Buffalo, Miami, or anywhere in between, we’ve got your needs covered. And through collaboration with Packard, we can even have most motors and parts delivered to your door within two days.

Notable additions to the Marcone HVAC inventory include the following:

  • full line of blower and condenser fan motors and fan blades
  • full line of American-made capacitors
  • Nu-Calgon cleaners and solvents
  • C&D Valve access fittings and valves
  • Cliplight sealants

Marcone customers know we’re always pushing forward through innovation, strategic partnerships, and advanced distribution logistics. We’re excited to bring you these latest offerings, and to show you just how Marcone’s industry leadership can make your HVAC business more efficient than ever.

For more information or to place an order, contact your local Marcone branch or Cooling&