Cutting Water Use in Half: Expert Tips & Product Reviews from Consumer Reports

Water Saving Appliance

The drought in California is making weekly headlines lately—but the story doesn’t end on the West Coast. In 2013, the U.S. Government Accountability Office issued a report estimating that 40 states could experience their own water shortages within the next decade.

Read more about how to curb your water use with more efficient household appliances.

Even in places where water scarcity isn’t a looming problem, many of us have become aware of our typically excessive water usage, and we’re ready to be more conscientious and conservative. If nothing else, decreased water use means increased savings on monthly water bills.

Ready to take the plunge? Consumer Reports recently released a comprehensive review on:

  • where the most water is used throughout the house;
  • which water-sucking appliances to replace sooner than later;
  • the best water-efficient appliances on the market (tested and reviewed by CR);
  • and how to make the most of using your appliances while using a lot less water.

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