Superbowl ’16 Winners: “The Nationals”

MAR.Fantasy Football.2

To the rest of the world, the Broncos were the victors of this year’s Superbowl. But at Marcone, we had our own winners: Greg Fleischut’s Fantasy Football team, “The Nationals.”

All 16 weeks of the season, Marcone customers were invited to participate by creating teams and submitting their picks for points and winners. Several of the 25 participating teams won interim prizes, but in the end, only The Nationals made it to the big game. To celebrate, they were treated to a trip to Jupiter, Florida where they enjoyed a weekend stay capped off by a Superbowl party-to-end-all-parties at Trump National Golf Club.

According to winning-team member Judy Vass, co-owner of Capital City Appliance Service, the event was unforgettable. “It was a blast to watch the game in such a beautiful, amazing location,” she says. “And the team I picked won the Superbowl, so that was the cherry on top.”

Hal Hufford, Marcone’s VP of North American sales, said the group enjoyed a number of warm-weather activities. “While folks back home were shivering in cold weather, we were playing golf at Jupiter Hills, enjoying dinner at Deep Blu Seafood Grille restaurant, shopping and lunching outdoors,” he says.

“And, of course, the game itself was fueled by friendship, great food and even a little ‘friendly’ wagering,” he says.

Mike Shenker, President of Diamond Factory Service, says he enjoyed connecting with old and new colleagues. “We got to meet and have fun with our industry peers – some we’ve never met before and some we don’t get a chance to see very often – and just relax and talk shop at the same time,” he says.

According to Fleischut, the season-long competition provided an opportunity for lively weekly interactions between Marcone and our customers. “It was a great way to have fun and keep in touch for the entire season,” he says. “Oh, and … go Nationals!”MAR.Fantasy Football.1 MAR.Fantasy Football.3MAR.Fantasy Football.4