2016 Marcone Servicers Association Convention Sets Attendance Records

2016 Marcone Servicers Association Convention Sets Attendance Records

Even though the 2016 MSA Convention was all the way back in January, we are just now coming down from all the excitement. It seems like, every year, our annual trade convention in Las Vegas is a rousing success, and we wonder how we will outdo it. And this year was no exception.

More than just excitement, the success of this years show, bringing together over 600 technicians, specialty trainers, small business owners and major appliance manufacturers from across North America, illustrates the strength of the appliance service industry.

“As always, the ultimate goal of the convention is to enhance the success and profitability of a servicer’s business, however, this 2016 MSA Convention should officially be remembered as ‘The Art of Service and Celebration,’ says Rick Vogel, Vice President at Marcone.“If you were looking to achieve all of the above and have one heck of a time doing it, this was the place to be.”

One-on-one networking makes the biggest difference for so many who attend the event. When the conversations are business-owner-to-technical-expert, great things happen and connections are created beyond words.

“This year’s MSA Convention was so beautifully and professionally organized,” says Karen Lindquist, national account manager at GE Appliances. “I think it shows how much Marcone really cares for its customers.”

The appliance service industry has been characterized for too long as a straightforward, blue-collar industry. That misperception is what inspired the long-running theme of “The Art of Service” for the convention, a concept that focuses attention on the nuanced and talent-driven nature of the appliance service industry.

“We are in a fantastic industry and the typical independent service company epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this country so great,” says Vogel. “If you occasionally lose that spirit and need a ‘pick me up’ to remember what a great industry we are in, attend the next MSA Convention.”

If you had to miss out on our last convention and are in need of training don’t forget about our hands-on technical training classes year-round throughout North America. Check out our calendar to see if an event will be hosted near you! <link to http://msaworld.com/member-benefits/training-schedule/>

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