Marcone Canada Supports Women & Children in Crisis at ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter

Mom holding kid's hand

As a featured charity in Marcone Canada’s philanthropic work, the ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter has been a top priority for the company since 2013. In just two years, Marcone’s employees, customers, and business partners have come together on several occasions to raise donations that support the families helped by the shelter. The ETA Vaughan Women’s […]

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10 Appliance Misconceptions Explained

10 Appliance Misconceptions Debunked

A new video from Mental Floss (as featured on Lifehacker) is packed with practical tidbits of information about the appliances we use everyday. Setting out the debunk ten common misconceptions, host Elliott Morgan tells us why: Metal doesn’t actually absorb heat in microwaves; A little water in the bottom of your dishwasher is not a bad thing; You really, really need […]

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Marcone & Offer Servicers New Benefit with More Online Training

We’re pleased to announce the newest perk for members of Marcone Servicers Association—just one more benefit to help technicians and businesses stay ahead of the service industry curve. Together with our partners at, MSA is offering members over 40% off the cost of a yearly subscription to Appliance Video’s growing suite of premium educational videos. At an […]

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How Electrolux Plans to Increase Productivity & Continue International Growth

How Electrolux Plans to Increase Productivity

A new report out from Reuters examines the steps Swedish-owned Electrolux is taking to ensure the company’s international competitiveness. As Electrolux awaits the finalization of its acquisition of GE Appliances, the manufacturer is taking cues from the automotive industry by implementing modularization, honing its profile as a luxury brand, and halting production in low-cost countries (meaning […]

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France Insists Companies Disclose How Long Appliances Will Last

family shopping at home appliance supermarket

According to an Associated Press report, France’s government has ordered appliance manufacturers to tell consumers how long they should expect their goods to last. The new decree is geared at “fighting so-called planned obsolescence,” or the practice of deliberately designing products with a limited lifespan to force consumers into replacing them. Read the full AP article, reported […]

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