Cutting Water Use in Half: Expert Tips & Product Reviews from Consumer Reports

Water Saving Appliance

The drought in California is making weekly headlines lately—but the story doesn’t end on the West Coast. In 2013, the U.S. Government Accountability Office issued a report estimating that 40 states could experience their own water shortages within the next decade. Read more about how to curb your water use with more efficient household appliances. Even […]

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France Insists Companies Disclose How Long Appliances Will Last

family shopping at home appliance supermarket

According to an Associated Press report, France’s government has ordered appliance manufacturers to tell consumers how long they should expect their goods to last. The new decree is geared at “fighting so-called planned obsolescence,” or the practice of deliberately designing products with a limited lifespan to force consumers into replacing them. Read the full AP article, reported […]

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